Emerald Hill Grab A Beer Among Peranakan Relics

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Simply because where it is in the world, the small but larger-than-life island state of Singapore is home to an incomparable mosaic of places, races and festivals where Chinese, Malay and Indian cultural identities come together in the impressive backdrop of an ultramodern cityscape which is also home to quaint pockets of its traditional and colonial heritage. One such unique place is the rather quiet, nostalgic neighbourhood of Emerald Hill, located few minutes away from the bustling activity of the famous Orchard Road. If you are a history buff or even if you are not, you will enjoy taking a stroll up Emerald Hill and relaxing with a cool beer in its calm surroundings.

Originally owned by the acting Postmaster General of Singapore William Cuppage, it was first the grounds of his nutmeg plantation. By the turn of the century, the land contained three houses, and the property changed hands into the ownership of elite members of the Singapores Peranakan community, who began a building spree that resulted in the Chinese Baroque style architecture sets the character of Emerald Hill even today.

Despite its calm grandeur, Emerald Hill is a place where life is celebrated. Most of the old houses are preserved in various states of dignified decadence reserved to the vintage Asian buildings, and among them is a wonderful array of small pubs and shops which you can visit at your leisurely pace, or even stop a while for a round of pool. As sun sets on Singapore, you will find yourself in the midst of the crowds trickling in to Emerald Street to longing for a drink and a laugh with fellow countrymen after their days work. The street is frequented by locals, expats and tourists alike so dont be surprised if you run into a familiar face. Stay longer into the night and you will find that things will get active yet with live music, fun promotions and a stand-up comedian on occasion.

The experience of Emerald Hill is a far cry from the colour and crowds of its more well-known neighbour, Orchard Road, but it is worth the visit to enjoy the rather archaic atmosphere and sit down for an evening chat with friends and family. Since it is in one of the most visited areas in the island, it would never be difficult for you to find hotel accommodation Singapore from where you can have an evening stroll down to Emerald Hill with your travel mates.

A hotel rooms in Singapore would provide you with ideal lodging and there are many worthwhile urban retreats for you to choose from. One likely choice would be Copthorne Orchid Hotel Singapore, located just 5 minutes away from Orchard Road, and with easy access to the citys many shopping, dining and entertainment destinations and other places of interest. Rest indulging the austere accommodation and friendly service, and take your time and have a walk around in the street life of Orchard road, but do enjoy a charming evening in the wonderful landscape of Emerald Street, which would become an evening to remember from your days and nights in Singapore.
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Emerald Hill Grab A Beer Among Peranakan Relics

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This article was published on 2010/12/10